July 26, 2009

Zone Alarm Extreme Security + Keygen
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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security integrates the web browser security of ZoneAlarm ForceField with the PC and Internet security of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. ZoneAlarm has been emphasizing the need for anyone with any security suite, from ZoneAlarm or Norton or anyone else, to add new web browser security to combat the new wave of threats that are targeting browsers. ForceField delivers virtual browsing, anti-phishing, download protection, key log jamming, privacy controls and more to protect the browser and everything you do on the web. Also integrates a registry optimizer
This is the cleaner of zonealarm extreme security 

this is the final zonealarm extreme security keygen 
1. Install ZoneAlarm Extreme Security . 
2. Get a valid serial from the keygen. 
3. Register 

If you want to update the AV, please follow those instructions 
JUST AFTER registering: 
1. Do not apply any updates 
2. Reboot Windows in Safe Mode (F8 before boot) 
3. Look for "zlibctbl.dat", usually, you can find it : 
- in \windows\system32 on XP machines 
- or \programdata\checkpoint\zonealarm on Vista 
4. Right click on it and click on Properties 
5. Makes the file read-only 
6. Reboot and now you can update without switching in trial mode 
7. Have Fun 

How to make it work on Windows 7 
For Windows 7 use the following method should work . 

Register the program with the keygen 
Don't do any updating yet. 
Reboot Windows in Safe Mode (F8 before boot). 
Look for the file "zllictbl.dat", usual default path: 
\programdata\checkpoint\zonealarm on Vista and windows 7 machines. 
The "zllibctbl.dat" file is a Hidden file, so you need to check "show hidden files and folders". Control Panel - Folders options - View - Hidden files and Folders. 
Right click on "zllibctbl.dat" and click on "Properties". 
Make the file "Read-only" (check "Read-only"). 
Go to security tab and uncheck for Authenticated Users and Administrators the Full Control, Modify, Write and Special Permissions. 
Keep only Read & Execute and Read. 

Now it Should work in Win7 not much difference from the Earlier Tut but A Elaboration 

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