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Video-Avi(High Quality)

Audio-English Dubbed

Season 1-Duelist Kingdom

1-Heart Of The Cards
2-The Guantlet Is Thrown
3-Journey To The Duelist Kingdom
4-Into The Hornets Nest
5-The Ultimate Great Moth
6-First Duel
7-Attack From The Deep
8-Everything's Relative (1)
9-Duel With A Ghoul (2)
10-Give Up The Ghost (3)
11-The Dueling Monkey
12-Trial By Red-Eyes
13-Evil Spirit Of The Ring
14-The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
15-Winning Through Intimidation
16-The Scars Of Defeat
17-Arena Of Lost Souls (1)
18-Arena Of Lost Souls (2)
19-Double Trouble Duel (1)
20-Double Trouble Duel (2)
21-Double Trouble Duel (3)
22-Face Off (1)
23-Face Off (2)
24-Face Off (3)
25-Shining Friendship
26-Champion VS Creator (1)
27-Champion VS Creator (2)
28-The Night Before
29-Duel Identity (1)
30-Duel Identity (2)
31-Keith's Mechanations (1)
32-Keith's Mechanations (2)
33-Best Of Friend's, Best Of Duelists (1)
34-Best Of Friend's, Best Of Duelists (2)
35-Yugi VS Pegasus (1)
36-Yugi VS Pegasus (2)
37-Yugi VS Pegasus (3)
38-Yugi VS Pegasus (4)
39-Yugi VS Pegasus (5)
41-The Wrath Of Rebecca (1)
42-The Ties Of Friendship (2)
43-Legendary Heroes (1)
44-Legendary Heroes (2)
45-Legendary Heroes (3)
46-Dungeon Dice Monsters (1)
47-Dungeon Dice Monsters (2)
48-Dungeon Dice Monsters (3)
49-Dungeon Dice Monsters (4)

Season 2-Battle City Duels

50-The Mystery Duelist (1)
51-The Mystery Duelist (2)
52-The Past Is Prologue
53-Steppin' Out
54-Obelisk The Tormentor
55-Stalked By The Rare Hunters
56-Yugi vs. The Rare Hunter (1)
57-Yugi vs. The Rare Hunter (2)
58-Espa Roba-The ESP Duelist
59-Espa Roba-The ESP Duelist (2)
60-Master Of Magicians (1)
61-Master Of Magicians (2)
62-Master Of Magicins (3)
63-Playing With A Parasite (1)
64-Playing With A Parasite (2)
65-Mime Control (1)
66-Mime Control (2)
67-Mime Control (3)
68-Legendary Fisherman (1)
69-Legendary Fisherman (2)
70-Double Duel (1)
71-Double Duel (2)
72-Double Duel (3)
73-Double Duel (4)
74-The Rescue
75-Friend's Till The End (1)
76-Friend's Till The End (2)
77-Friend's Till The End (3)
78-Friend's Till The End (4)
79-Shadow Of A Duel
80-Light's, Camera, Duel!
81-Let The Final's Begin
82-The Dark Spirit Revealed (1)
83-The Dark Spirit Revealed (2)
84-The Dark Spirit Revealed (3)
85-Rage Of The Egyptian Gods
86-Awakening Of Evil (1)
87-Awakening Of Evil (2)
88-Awakening Of Evil (3)
89-Awakening Of Evil (4)
90-Mind Game (1)
91-Mind Game (2)
92-Mind Game (3)
93-A Duel With Destiny (1)
94-A Duel With Destiny (2)
95-The Tomb-Keepers Secret
96-Showdown In The Shadows (1)
97-Showdown In The Shadows (2)

Season 3-Enter The Shadow Realm

98-A Virtual Nightmare
99-Isolated In Cyber Space (1)
100-Isolated In Cyber Space (2)
101-Isolated In Cyber Space (3)
102-Freeze Play (1)
103-Freeze Play (2)
104-Courtroom Chaos (1)
105-Courtroom Chaos (2)
106-Mechanical Mahem (1)
107-Mechanical Mayhem (2)
108-Settling The Score (1)
109-Settling The Score (2)
110-Noah's Secret
111-Merger Of The Big Five (1)
112-Merger Of The Big Five (2)
113-Merger Of The Big Five (3)
114-Brother's In Arms (1)
115-Brother's In Arms (2)
116-Brother's In Arms (3)
117-Noah's Final Threat (1)
118-Noah's Final Threat (2)
119-So Close Yet So Far
120-Burying The Past (1)
121-Burying The Past (2)
122-Back To Battle City (1)
123-Back To Battle City (2)
124-Back To Battle City (3)
125-The Darkness Returns (1)
126-The Darkness Returns (2)
127-The Darkness Returns (3)
128-The Darkness Returns (4)
129-Clash In The Colosseum (1)
130-Clash In The Colosseum (2)
131-Clash In The Colosseum (3)
132-Clash In The Colosseum (4)
133-Clash In The Colosseum (5)
134-Clash In The Colosseum (6)
135-Battle For The Bronze (1)
136-Battle For The Bronze (2)
137-Battle For The Bronze (3)
138-The Final Face-Off (1)
139-The Final Face-Off (2)
140-The Final Face-Off (3)
141-The Final Face-Off (4)
142-The Final Face Off (5)
143-One For The Road
144-Looking Back And Moving Ahead

Season 4-Waking The Dragons

145-A New Evil (1)
146-A New Evil (2)
147-Legend Of The Dragons
148-The Creator Returns
149-Deja Duel! (1)
150-Deja Duel! (2)
151-An Unexpected Enemy
152-My Freaky Valentine (1)
153-My Freaky Valentine (2)
154-My Freaky Valentine (3)
155-The Challenge
156-Fate Of The Pharoah (1)
157-Fate Of The Pharoah (2)
158-Fate Of The Pharoah (3)
159-Trial By Stone
160-On The Wrong Track (1)
161-On The Wrong Track (2)
162-On The Wrong Track (3)
163-Self Destruction
164-Reliving The Past
165-Deck Of Armour
166-Flight Of Fear (1)
167-Flight Of Fear (2)
168-Paradise Found
169-Fighting For A Friend (1)
170-Fighting For A Friend (2)
171-Fighting For A Friend (3)
172-Fighting For A Friend (4)
173-Fighting For A Friend (5)
174-Grappling With A Guardian (1)
175-Grappling With A Guardian (2)
176-Grappling With A Guardian (3)
177-A Duel With Dartz (1)
178-A Duel With Dartz (2)
179-A Duel With Dartz (3)
180-A Duel With Dartz (4)
181-A Duel With Dartz (5)
182-A Duel With Dartz (6)
183-Rise Of The Great Beast (1)
184-Rise Of The Great Beast (2)

KC GrandChampionship

185-Unwanted Guest (1)
186-Unwanted Guest (2)
187-Let The Games Begin! (1)
188-Let The Games Begin! (2)
189-Child's Play
190-Down In Flames (1)
191-Down In Flames (2)
192-A Brawl In A Small Town (1)
193-A Brawl In A Small Town (2)
194-One Step Ahead (1)
195-One Step Ahead (2)
196-Sinister Secrets (1)
197-Sinister Secrets (2)
198-Sinister Secrets (3)

Season 5-Dawn Of The Duel

199-Tomb Of The Nameless Pharoah
200-Spiritual Awakening
201-Memoirs Of A Pharoah
202-The Intruder (1)
203-The Intruder (2)
204-Makings Of A Magician
205-Birth Of The Blue-Eyes
206-Village Of Lost Souls
207-A Reversal Of Fortune
208-In Search Of A King
209-Village Of Vengeance (1)
210-Village Of Vengeance (2)
211-Village Of Vengeance (3)
212-Village Of Vengeance (4)
213-Village Of Vengeance (5)
214-Name Of The Game
215-The Dark One Cometh (1)
216-The Dark One Cometh (2)
217-The Dark One Cometh (3)
218-The Dark One Cometh (4)
219-In The Name Of The Pharoah
220-The Final Journey
221-The Final Duel (1)
222-The Final Duel (2)
223-The Final Duel (3)
224-The Final Duel (4)

Capsule Monsters Eps

Episode #1-Being Played
Episode #2-Divide And Conquer
Episode #3-Reunited At Last
Episode #4-Fortress Of Fear
Episode #5-Eye Of The Storm
Episode #6-Trial Of Light And Shadows
Episode #7 Red-Eyes Black Curse
Episode #8 Fruit Of Evolution
Episode #9 The Fiendish Five Part 1
Episode #10 The Fiendish Five Part 2
Episode #11 The True King
Episode #12 The True King (2)
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