October 27, 2009

APPLICATION- Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
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Microsoft Windows Vista AIO RTM (x86x64) (2011) DVDISO

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2

Microsoft Windows Vista AIO RTM (x86/x64) (2011) DVD/ISO | 4.65 GB |+5% Record

Windows Vista, the next generation OS from Microsoft is now RTM.
This DVD includes both the 32Bit and 64Bit versions of Vista on 1 DVD.It is bootable into either the 32Bit or 64Bit setup and will allow you to install any of the versions of Vista listed below:

Windows Vista Home Basic (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Home Basic N (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Home Premium (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Business (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Business N (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Ultimate (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Starter (x86)

You can also install Vista from another Windows via the autorun.However please note that you cannot install/start the x64 Vista setup from a 32bit/x86 Windows install, you must start it from an x64 install of Windows.

OEM/Retail versions are all available on the DVD depending on the type of key you enter.

Similar to our previous releases of Vista during the beta,we are providing 1 key that will install Vista. In this case, the
key is an RTM universal key and will allow you to choose whichever version of Vista you wish to install. The key will however not activate Vista. The same key is also builtin to every Vista ISO by
MS for trial/quick install purposes.
For further info, see \sources\x86\sources\inf\setup.cfg on the ISO.

Therefore, that means you can also choose to install Vista without a key by selecting Next during the cd-key prompt during Setup without entering a key, then pressing No for the popup window. It will make no difference to activation however and you will still have a limited period of time to use it.

Since Windows XP, Microsoft has instituted Windows Product Activation (WPA). This prevents any extended full usage of the Product beyond the allotted time, determined at install. We are NOT providing workarounds or 'fixes' for WPA. You are still required to activate your software within this time. While we are aware of possible workarounds in the wild that may work with Windows Vista,we suggest keeping yourself out of trouble. Most release groups will tell you, "if you like it buy it" we say the same.

Note: When selecting the version of Vista to install during Setup,you must select the type that corresponds to the architecture you selected prior to the start of Setup. (ie. if you choose the x64 Setup, you must select an x64 version from the list of Vistas to install.)

The build number for those interested is: 6000.16386.061101-2205 Nukers-This must remain an ISO or it will not extract or boot.

.Burn to dvd or mount with an emulator
.Install, key is: YFKBB-PQJJV-G996G-VWGXY-2V3X8 (Universal Key)
OR Leave the cd-key field blank and install
without a key.

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  1. New Links added enjoy all versions in one!

  2. Is there any resumable links? Please I cant seem to download even of the part

  3. they are interchanable resumable upto certain time limit but not like torrents

  4. After I download it, after extract, it only contain vista.nrg, what i should do about it? I just need to burn it?

  5. use alcohol 120% software to mount vista.nrg file and then burn it on dvd