October 25, 2009

Comic Book Creator - Marvel Edition
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Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator

Immerse Yourself in the Thrilling MARVEL Universe in Ways Only YOU Can Imagine!

The opportunity to create your own personalized MARVEL comics has arrived. Innovative software for your PC combines MARVEL characters, backgrounds, props and action words with clip art, text balloons and caption boxes to bring your stories to life. Now, you are in control of your favorite character's destiny!

Elektra, Wolverine, and Spider-Man

Authentic MARVEL Art

Character artwork straight from the MARVEL archives includes your favorite MARVEL characters and more! Blend with custom animations and action words to build unique stories fueled by your imagination.
Elektra, Spider-Man, Wolverine
Effortless Drag and Drop Technology

It's a snap to use! Simply drag and drop over 300 stunning MARVEL backgrounds, characters, clipart, and word balloons to customize your comic.



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