October 27, 2009

DiskTrix UltimateDefrag v3.0.100.39 + Portable
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Windows hard drive defragmentation software has just taken a giant leap above and beyond any other defragmentation tool on the planet. With the new UltimateDefrag Version 3, you get all of the features of previous UltimateDefrag versions that you've come to find indispensable for defragging and optimizing your hard drive, plus a whole host of new powerful features that give you: 1. Even more power and control in optimizing your hard drive and 2. Clearly perceivable, faster Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 performance due to the hard drive optimization that UltimateDefrag allows.

Let's look at some of the new things you can do with UltimateDefrag to further optimize your hard drive...

1. Defrag and optimize the placement of your MFT, page file and other system files that are not normally defraggable. Do it with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 - 32 bit and 64 bit! A unique fully customizable boot time defrag interface gives you full control over every single system file and where you want them to go. NO other defrag software, or any program for that matter on the planet allows you to do this.

2. Run a Defrag Simulation that lets you simulate a defrag in compressed time so you can see your drive layout before you actually defrag! Defrag simulation uses a proprietary virtual drive technology that enables you to simulate a defrag so you can see file placement on screen in accelerated mode while not actually making changes to your hard drive. If you're one of those users who like to setup complex defrag and hard drive optimization routines to squeeze every millisecond of performance from your hard drive, you can now see what your file system will look like when it is complete.

3. Here's one you'll really love! File Drag And Drop Specific Files And Directories. You now have the ability to select a file or folder from the Cluster Viewer or File Highlighter and then DRAG it to wherever on the disk display you want that file or complete directory to go. That's right, you can drag and drop files onto wherever you want them to be placed on your drive. Perfect for optimizing performance of specific applications or even games where every millisecond saved counts!

4. True File Use Tracking. UltimateDefrag Version 3 will keep track of all your file usage in its own database and it will intelligently keep track of file use frequency, how often a file becomes fragmented and it then uses moving averages of such data to intelligently place files for optimum performance on your hard drive.

5. Minimize Rate Of Refragmentation with FragProtect file placement borrowed from our DefragExpress title that places files to ensure the lowest rate of refragmentation possible. In a nutshell, you've now defeated hard drive entropy!

6. Perform A One Click Auto Defrag For A Hard Drive Performance Increase Of More Than 500%. Our Auto Defrag method is now more intelligent than ever before and shows you a true estimate of your hard drive performance increase as you move a simple slider to optimize your hard drive layout!

7. Enjoy Full Compatibility with all versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP, 32 bit and 64 bit and that includes the boot time defragmentation for defragging those system files, MFT and page file.

8. Enjoy A New User Interface With A LOT MORE screen information and floating Windows to take advantage of your multi-monitor setup. This new user interface gives you much more one-click power to achieve defragmentation and optimization tasks than ever before.

9. Select Ways To Complete Defrags In Minutes While Maintaining Optimum Performance. A simple option to most defrag methods will only process 10 to 20% of the files on your drive and give you the maximum performance possible for your hard drive. That means maximum optimization in just a minute or two most of the time!

10. Experience The Fastest Defrag Engine On The Planet as UltimateDefrag Version 3 makes intelligent decisions as it encounters each fragmented file and chooses the algorithm that processes the file in minimum time possible. When certain conditions are met, it can defrag a 2 Gb file in a few seconds!

11. And There Is Still So Much More including all the features of UltimateDefrag that you've known in the past, if you're a previous user, or if you are a new user will soon discover and be amazed with!

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