October 26, 2009

PC GAME-Lock on:Modern air combat
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Lock On: Modern Air Combat - FULL ACTIVATED - [Exclusive] 



Lock On Gold is an updated version of the highly acclaimed This new version has many improvements including but not limited to a new Russian aircraft, the Su-25T and Flaming Cliffs campaign. The product is already receiving fantastic press reviews with an average of 85% review scores. The theatre of operation is the Black Sea and a fictional conflict sees the deployment of both American and Russian forces to the area. Look out for SAM sites and US and Russian carriers. 


New version capabilities include: 
The addition of the Su-25T as a player flyable aircraft 
Training missions with voice-over instruction 
Three new, 20 plus missions campaigns 
Improved ground texture with even greater detail 
New ground textures for winter, spring, summer & autumn 
New military and civilian ground facilities 
New aircraft skins 
New single missions 
Adjusted and added documentation 

Install Notes:

1) Unpack
2) Mount/Burn
3) Install
4) Play

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