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PC GAME-Tarzan
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Tarzan Action Game (PC/Full/Eng)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English | Release Date : Feb 16, 1999
Publisher & Developer : Disney Interactive | Genre : Action/Adventure | Size : 38 Mb

Tarzan Action GameSummer. The days are hot and long, and it's time for bar-b-ques, camping, and baseball. Summer doesn't just happen outside, though. It's also blockbuster movie season, when theaters screen entertainment that's typically a little lighter in content and more technically dazzling than the award-oriented films shown in the colder, darker, shorter days of fall and winter. Accordingly, summer big-screen fun has come to belong to Disney, which releases an animated feature every year to coincide with the conditions that make it easy to spend an afternoon in an air conditioned movie house, often time and time again to see the same feature over and over.

If youve spent any time near fast-food franchises or a department store, then you know from all the merchandise that this years offering from Disney is Tarzan, the beautifully rendered retelling of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic about the Victorian nobleman raised by apes. True to Disney formula, this movie pushes the limits of 2D media in ways that are stunning even for Disney. In the last few big Disney movies--from Beauty and the Beast, to The Lion King, and Mulan--audiences where treated to amazing computerized visual articulations of movement on a grand scale--marches, stampedes and battles--usually rendered from a privileged, 3/4 perspective. Viewers gazed upon the action from above and were awed by the spectacle of thousands, indeed millions, of intricate elements existing in space and time as a single entity. In Tarzan, Disney has shifted the audiences focus from massive panoramas and breathtaking vistas to a dense, compact jungle environment. While this lush, redolent world serves as the complimentary arena for the dynamic forces that are Tarzan, it is not a static realm. Indeed, every leaf and vine seems to course with chlorophyll and sap, conveying the sense that despite their lack of motion, every tree and root in this film is just as alive as any stampeding gazelle in The Lion King, just as determined as any marching clansman in Mulan, and just as delicately rendered as the individual crystals on the glorious chandelier in Beauty and the Beast.

Of course, Tarzan himself is the genius of this paradise, and as such, he moves through it with a kinetic ease that is dazzling. The ways Disney Studios have devised to illustrate the idea that Tarzan belongs to this edenic world, that he is a natural among the trees and denizens of the jungle is astonishing. As often as the Ape Man appears to jump off the screen, the audience finds itself in the treetops, surfing branches and swinging from vines. It is this blurring of the line between passive observation and active participation by means of visual artistry that Disney Interactive further develops in Disneys Tarzan Action Game.







System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 98/Me/XP
- Pentium; class processor 166 MHz
- 24 MB RAM
- 50 MB free hard disk space
- 4X speed CD-ROM drive
- 16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card
- 2 MB DirectX-compatible video card supporting 16-bit color
- Standard AT-101 keyboard





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