October 27, 2009

PC GAME:Pearl Harbor 2: The Day of Infamy
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Today HATRED bring us a good looking game called Attack on Pearl Harbour. In this game you get to be a Pilot for either the American or Japanese air force as you get to potentially change history. The game appears to have a similar feel to Battlestations: Midway that was released a few months ago. Attack on Pearl Harbour probably isn’t going to be revolutionary and it most likely won’t interest hardcore players but it should provide a few hours of casual gaming fun.

In Attack on Pearl Harbor, players can sign up for either side as they are offered the role of daring US gunner turned pilot Douglas Knox or Japanese ace Zenji Yamada. History’s yours to shape: Either nation can win the war depending on your actions as players battle for supremacy behind the cockpits of some of the most prolific fighters, bombers and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theater. Playable planes include Japan’s Mitsubishi A6M Zero, the D3A1 Aichi Val and the B5N Nakajima Kate as well as America’s Chance Vought F4U Corsair, the Douglas SBD Dauntless and the Grumman TBM Avenger.


Featuring a sturdy online component designed for short-session multiplayer dog-fighting, Attack on Pearl Harbor is a casual, pick-up-and-play WWII flight combat game appropriate for all ages and skill levels. The game features a selection of online and offline modes with a variety of missions and campaigns putting players in the cockpits of the main protagonists of the WWII Pacific Theatre – the USAAF and the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. Attack on Pearl Harbor will use Legendo’s proprietary network technology featuring a user-friendly lobby system and NAT punch-through features for hassle free single-click multiplayer setup.



* Intuitive Controls – Pick up and play the game via a simple, straightforward control scheme that’ll have anyone flying in seconds.
* Jaw-Dropping Graphics – Widescreen gaming support coupled with dazzling special effects provides a beautifully rendered backdrop of the Pacific.
* Choose Your Side – Play as the dashing Douglas Knox of the USAAF or fighter pilot Zenji Yamada of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service.
* Riveting Action – Take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the most prolific fighters, bombers and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theatre!


System Requirements:

* Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
* 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz recommended)
* 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
* 500 MB disk space
* 3D card with 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
* DirectX 9.0c (or later)
* Play the game using keyboard & mouse, joystick or gamepad


Release name: Attack_On_Pearl_Harbor-HATRED
Size: 1 CD, 279 MB, 20×15 MB
Genre: WWII Flight Combat
Protection: none
File name: htd-aoph

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