November 05, 2009

Battlefield 2: Special Forces(Expansion)
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Battlefield 2: Special Forces (2010/Multi12)
Language: Multi12 | PC | Developer: Digital Illusions | Publisher: EA Games | 1.24 GB
Genre: Modern Tactical Shooter

World War II died away and unlikely to be repeated again, because large-scale armed conflict today with the use of nuclear weapons will lead to the death of all mankind. In the XXI century appeared on the stage intelligence: a strictly undercover operations, pinpoint strikes, night raids and covert sabotage - are the main methods to combat the new era.
Battlefield 2: Special Forces offers you a place in a special squad of the best in the world. You'll be able to fight insurgents and terrorists in the Russian Spetsnaz, British SAS, U.S. "sea lions" and Brazilian MEC. Although no one bothers to hell with the law and lead the troops the rebels themselves!

Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2

• You have the machinery and equipment of the best security services! Fleet added ten vehicles and an arsenal of ingenious devices. At the armed secret service are light grenades, swords, tear gas and special landing hooks, with which you can climb the steep walls!
• Darkness - each saboteurs. The dynamic lighting in Battlefield 2: Special Forces is not only aesthetic but also practical role. In a dark room without a night vision device can not do, but a sudden flash of light can blind and disorient. How to arrange a competent ambushed in the dark, but as itself not to be trapped - you decide!
• Think about where to hide! The success of any shootings - wisely chosen shelter. In Battlefield 2: Special Forces all objects are endowed with real physical properties, so the wooden door or thin walls ramshackle huts will not save you from a hurricane-fire machine gun.
• War on all sides! You can take a direct part in sabotage and shooting, or control the actions of their fighters from the headquarters, receiving real-time data through satellite imagery.
• SWAT much does not happen! In network battle involved to sixty-four men.
• He is a bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general. For the correct and professional "service" the players are assigned a new rank.
• Chat live. Universal Voice System Voice Over IP allows you to quickly give orders, coordinating the actions of the detachment.

The game adds new parties:
-British SAS, U.S. Hevy SEAL, terrorists, insurgents, MEC Special Forces and the Russian Spetsnaz
New ammunition F2000, MP7, MG36, SCAR-L, G36E, G36K, FN-SCARL and much more.
-Vehicles BMP-3, Mi-35, ATV, watercraft, passenger car with a machine gun on the trunk, six-wheeled buggy with 3 machine guns and a truck.

Minimum system requirements:
* Operating system: Windows XR / Vista / SeVen
* Processor: Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
* Memory: 1 GB
* Video: video card with 512 MB of memory
* Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0


When you download this pack and follow the steps in installer so you will be fully able to play online. This setup works only with fresh installs. Never update your game otherwise you can't connect to servers. 







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