November 14, 2009

Building & Co : You Are the Architect
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Building & Co is a management simulation game which allows the player to experience all the aspects of managing and supervising a real construction site. Players must adhere to building specifications, keep to budget and take into account technical constraints; as well as hitting crucial deadlines to be able to complete on time and progress on to more ambitious building projects. 

In a rich and highly detailed 3D environment, players take control of the complete construction process such as hiring, managing and coordinating workers to the purchasing of materials, constructing foundations and floor design. 

Building & Co is the first construction management simulation game to offer unprecedented freedom in decision making, and offers hours of fun with a technical twist that will appeal to fans of the simulation genre. 

Be an architect, be a city planner, even be a foreman - take charge and bring the craziest building designs to town! 

* From drawing the design plans over setting up the construction schedule and managing the workforce, you build a large variety of buildings in a rich full 3D environment: residential buildings, hotels, banks, museums, hospitals and even shopping malls! 
* Highly detailed construction processes with professional advisers that assist you in every field: staff, logistics, materials, architecture 
* 20 challenging single player missions with progressive difficulty in different urban environments 
* A powerful 3D engine with weather effects and seasonal cycle, plus fully zoomable 360° camera 
* The integrated "sandbox" mode offers you unlimited possibilities of creations and constructions 

Genre : Simulation 
Year : 2008 

DOWNLOAD- 150 MB ONLY! Its all compressed!

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