November 17, 2009

How To Download-General Things
AdminNovember 17, 2009


Q. I got a password error while extracting the game ... do I need to download the whole game again ? 
A. No! sometimes one or more part(s) may get corrupted while downloading due to filehost issue or your connection. You only need to download those parts which are corrupted.

For example, in the below example:


Here, part 2 came out to be corrupted. So, just delete that re-download it only.

Q. Are the games full or ripped ? 
A. I have tried to post both Full ISOs and Full Rips as i could find them .. 

Q. What does Full ISO and Full Rip actually mean?? 
A. Full ISO: Full ISO is nothing but an image file of an entire CD, DVD or floppy disk. It contains all the files, folders and sector layout/ physical locations of data on that particular disk. It means that u can also burn it into a DVD. Most ppl prefer Full ISO if their download speed is decent Razz

Full Rip: In full Rip, other languages other than English are removed and some compression is done to make it in a very small size ... Full Rips are not to be confused "ripped" versions , in Full Rips nothing is removed ( except the languages of course) so its basically the same as the Full ISO with small size. Usually preferred by ppl who want to conserve hard disk space and ppl with slow download speed ..

Q. Are Full Rips made by u ?? 
A. No! I am just trying to provide both Full ISOs and Full Rips in a single thread ... 


Q. What mirrors are going to be there ?? 
A. Currently - Megaupload & FileServe (Because they rock for free users Smile ) 

* Software Essentials * 

Make sure u have the following softwares, that will make your job to run the game easier ...

1. Update your graphic & audio drivers.

For Nvidia : 


For ATI :


*For audio search urself according to ur model etc Razz

2. Install the latest DirectX:

Note this will cover errors like - d3dx9_xx.dll

3. If u are running WinXP or below, make sure u have (Not required for vista/7) :

Visual C++ Redistributable:

.NET Framework 3.5:

4. Extraction Software:

I would highly recommend 7zip for all extraction purposes. Winrar doesnt work with all extensions and Hj-Split gives no extension sometimes.


5. Mounting Software:

Daemon Tools:

These are 5 essentials you MUST have in order to run the game properly.

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