November 05, 2009

PC GAME - Madagascar 1
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Life is beatific in the Central Park Zoo for quaternary daylong friends. Taking the advance in this wacky arrange is Alex the Lion—the zoo’s feel (pardon the pun) and joy. His sidekick, Marty the Zebra, is a woolgatherer who ever has his patterned nous in the clouds. Their chum Melman the Giraffe is a hypochondriac. (Hey, you’d be afeard of effort a painful throat if yours was fivesome feet long, too.) Last but not small is Gloria–the hippest hippo who knows how to intercommunicate her coefficient around. When a association of artful penguins inspires a adventurous installation break, this emotional foursome trades their easy caged style for the undertaking of a lifetime. Will they, and their friendships, hit what it takes to endure in the wild?

Also includes:
Shuffleboard- a classic game with a Madagascar twist.
Mini Golf- tee up with Alex and friends!
Lemur Rave- like Dance Dance Revolution with lemurs instead of people.

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