November 17, 2009

Protein Rich Parathas - Stuffed Parathas With Carrot Filling
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Earlier I had posted the recipe for carrot yogurt salad.In that recipe the carrot mixture prepared before adding the yogurt to it, can also be used as a filling to make stuffed parathas.The recipe for this carrot filling is here.I usually pack my son's tiffin box with this 'protein rich paratha'.You can also use the filling for sandwiches as well.

The recipe goes like this.. add some besan (chickpea flour) to the usual chapati dough.To 1 cup wheat flour add 1/2 cup besan,1 tsp caraway seeds or cumin seeds (its your choice),pinch of garam masala pwd,salt,1 tsp oil and mix well.Add water to it and prepare the normal chapati dough.I also add some fresh methi leaves and coriander leaves while preparing the dough.Keep the dough aside for a few minutes.

Stuff the carrot filling in a lump of dough and roll to make a round paratha.
Cook the paratha on the hot plate or tava, when both sides are cooked, add a little ghee and spread it on both sides of the paratha. Cook till paratha turns golden brown.

To serve the paratha, put 1 tsp butter on the paratha.Serve with a curry of your choice or plain yogurt.

This is nutritious and healthy.This way I get my toddler son to eat his veggies and get the nutrition required for healthy growth.:)
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