January 17, 2010

Free call over the world||no need premium |free
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Freecall - Call Landlines For Free 

Using this VOIP program, you can call landline numbers in any country for FREE.

FreeCall is still a Freeware app but you only get 300 minutes a week.

To bypass this restriction:

Keep the setup.exe. Freecall's protection system is quite flawed, when the program announces you cannot use any more minutes = Uninstall and reinstall and it will reset your 300 minutes which only takes a moment.

A)You MUST make an account with the program when it loads up. Then when your logged in (it will say at the bottom: 'The client is logged on')

B)Go to the dial pad TAB, ignore the on screen buttons, at the bottom type in your number and remember you need to add country codes at the beginning - NO spaces in the number either.

C) And it does do all countries for free - i've used it from NZ to england, USA, Spain and Aussie and they used it back.

D) If it didn't work, you need to check your firewall settings etc, this is an obvious but a program like this needs full access. 




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  1. password is

    ---> evolutionized.co.uk

  2. is this still working ? because when i start call it say unable to start the call and Error:the call was ended because you log off ..

  3. yup it is working there must be some other when u run the software may be a error by u or may be some other internal error cant say but try again it will work as the software or link is conserned it works .
    Enjoy Bro

  4. not working..it does not register..says sorry this version of client is invalid please use a new version or perform live update... suggest something

    1. sorry this software is Obsolete now ...hence please use Fring or whatsapp like apps on your android phone...as they are free ...