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Counter Strike Source 2010 Orange Box NoSteam
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Counter Strike Source 2010 Orange Box NoSteam [Setti]

About the Game:
Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike's award-winning teamplay action with the advanced technology of Source™ technology. Featuring state of the art graphics, all new sounds, and introducing physics, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for every action gamer.

System requirements:
Windows ® Vista/XP/2000,7
Processor 1.7 GHz,
512 MB RAM,
graphics card with support for DirectX ® 8 (requires support SSE),
Mouse, Keyboard

Release info:
1) Preconfigured menu for Setti servers
2) Working Favorites/History
3) Preconfigured rates & lerp
4) Name changing - by "name" command in console
5) SFX archive(no installer), just browse for your games folder and it will extract/create "Counter Strike Source 2010" folder there
6) Make game shortcut on desktop by pressing "place_shortcut_on_desktop.exe"
7) Run game as Administrator to avoid problems
+ SRCDS (Dedicated server)
+ working Achievements and Stats
+ add/delete from Favorites
HTTP Game Download Links: 






This Update link is for those who just extracted game:

Patch v51(Cumulative) (

You MUST to delete your old CS:S shortcut from desktop and create new one with "place_shortcut_on_desktop.exe" otherwise game will not work properly!

Mini FAQ: 

Q.: I get error "Engine Error" "Could not load library client"
A.: Try to delete game, then reinstall.

Q.: When i try to launch game, I get a message that says "hl2.exe has stopped working"
A.: Sometimes helps if you delete achievements! Delete those files:
"Counter Strike Source 2010\cstrike\gamestate.txt"
"Counter Strike Source 2010\bin\stats.bin"!
or your antivirus can cause game crashes

Q.: I get error: "CFileSystem_Steam::Init() failed:failed to find steam interface"
A.: Probably your antivirus deleted some game files, uninstall it and install some other antivirus like Kaspersky! Then reextract game.

Q.: I have graphical/visual issues
A.: Because you don't have graphics card for games. Sometimes "-dxlevel 80" parameter can fix it.
"-dxlevel 80" you can write in CS:S shortcut(left mouse click on shortcut and then go to properties), example:
"I:Counter Strike Source 2010hl2.exe" -game cstrike -console -dxlevel 80
or you can write it to "Counter Strike Source 2010.bat" file:
"start hl2.exe -game cstrike -console -dxlevel 80"

Q.: How to change name?
A.: Name changing works only in rev.ini file, open it with Notepad and edit "PlayerName=css.setti.info" to "PlayerName=Your_nick", file must be saved into ANSI encoding!

Q.: How to write name with cool letters?
A.: If you want nick with cool letters then you need to write it in as UTF-8 Hex bytes!
For SharpƩye nick it must look like this:

Q.: How to change the little picture shown in scoreboard next to your name?
A.: Pic is platformavatar.dat file, it is jpg file actualy. Change it with your own picture, it must be 64x64 size.

Q.: I open CS:S game it opens rotated/tilted towards the left
A.: Go to Options-> Video Tab & change the resolution!

Q.: I can't change crosshair scale
A.: Players can revert to old crosshair behavior by setting cl_legacy_crosshair_scale to 1! There is game bug, when you go to options your crosshair settings resets.

Q.: I have delay on sounds, when I shoot I hear sounds later
A.: Write in console "snd_mixahead 0.1" without quotes!

Q.: I just got disconnected, it said my ping was too high.
A.: You are kicked automaticaly because your ping is too high, join low latency servers! Quit all download programs like utorrent ect.

Q.: How to uninstall the game?
A.: Just delete it!

Q.: Server list says when i refresh all "no internet game respond to the query"
A.: Press on "Internet" tab, press "Quit" game, start game again & now it should work. Or try to disable your firewall/or add an exception for CS:S in the firewall.!

Q.: Is it possible to add clan tag?
A.: You can have clan tag, edit rev.ini with Notepad and change "ClanTag=[Setti]" to "ClanTag=Your_tag", then go to options>multiplayer>advanced and select clan tag there.!

Q.: I get "steam beta must be running..." or "#GameUI_ServerRequireSteam" error.
A.: Probably you saved rev.ini into non-ANSI format. Open it with Notepad, press Files>save as..., select Encoding ANSI then press save. Or you copied some broken files to your game, then you need to reinstall game.
Or your antivirus is blocking/deleted some game files, try disable/uninstall it, then reinstall game.

Q.: I get error "ConVarRef sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning doesn't point to an existing ConVar"
A.: This is not an error, just ignore it!

Q.: I get errors like this:
"Bad CRC for materials/effects/flashbang.vmt"
"Host_Error: Server is enforcing file consistency for materials/effects/flashbang.vmt"
"Your map [maps/de_dust2.bsp] differs from the server's."
A.: There is ~censored~ up servers which are uploading to client broken game files, after you join such server you will be unable to play on any server with "sv_pure" enabled!
Deleting and reinstalling CS:S will restore your files back, so do not join these broken servers or you can disable downloads from servers with console command -> "cl_downloadfilter none"!

Q.: Why I get kicked/banned instantly when I try to enter any Setti server?
A.: Change default nick by editing rev.ini file.

Q.: I got this error at console "Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol xxxxxxx!"
A.: Update game!

Q.: I get error message "Setup file 'gameinfo.txt' dosn't exist in subdirectory 'hl2'.Check your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting"
A.: Run game through "Counter Strike Source 2010.bat", or make desktop shortcut with "place_shortcut_on_desktop.exe" and run game through shortcut from desktop! Do not run just hl2.exe it doesnt work like that.

Q.: Is the microphone working?. Becouse nobody is talking, and when I talk, nobody answers.
A.: Try commands in console:
voice_enable 1
voice_modenable 1
And server must have "sv_use_steam_voice" set to "0" otherwise voice will not work on that server, ask server admin if server is configured properly!

Q.: Why I get this error - "No permissions to run 'cstrike'"?
A.: Because Steam program is running on your PC! Close Steam, before playing NoSteam game! Or try to run game as Administrator.

Q.: What can I do about CS:S lags/high ping with Windows Vista/7 on low ping server?
A.: Click on Spoiler for answer
try some of these:
fps_max 100

Look at the Serverbrowser and click on stop refresh in every category.

type regedit in start>run
Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionMultimediaSystemProfile
There will be an entry for network performance throttling, default value is 10; set it to FFFFFFFF hex (willl look like 0xFFFFFFFF to the right of the entry)
Restart pc

1. Go to the Start Menu.
2. Type "regedit.exe" or just "regedit" (No quotations).
3. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParametersInterfaces
4. Look for a folder that contains your LOCAL IP ADDRESS under the Data column. The folder that it's in should be named similar, but not restricted to {1C3DE298-6536-4E3B-8BE6-457838544F56}. If there are more than 1 folders that contain your local IP, follow steps 5~8 in those folders.
5. Go to [Edit]-[New]-[DWORD (32-bit) Value]
6. Name the new file TcpAckFrequency. This is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
7. Right Click on TcpAckFrequency and select [Modify]
8. Set the Value Data to 1 and check off Hexadecimal.
9. Restart your computer.

1. Right click your desktop.
2. Select New > Notepad Document
3. Copy and paste this into the notepad.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
















4. Go to File > Save As
5. Save the name as "NoDelay.reg" (No quotes)
6. Look for a file on your desktop that looks like a defragmenting box.
7. Right click the file and select MERGE.
8. If you don't notice a difference, try to restart your computer.

I recommend start from 3-rd method[/spoiler]

Q.: Can we change the language in this release?
A.: Yes you can, for example - edit "rev.ini" file, change "Language = English" to "Language = Russian"

Q.: Message in console - "Invalid Steam key size"
Or when joining server game loads ~3 bars and goes back to main menu
Or "Server has not updated to the most recent version."
A.: You are trying to connect to very old server version (v34)

Q.: Message in console - "The server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game"
A.: Server is not updated.

Q.: "Steam validation rejected" error when connecting server
A.: That means this server is for legit Steam players only, it's probably autoupdated and admin needs to crack it again for nosteam players!

Q.: Patching doesn't work. It says: SOFTWARE NOT FOUND"
A.: Problem is not in patch, but in what you are patching. Patch will work only on "[Setti]" release downloaded from torrent or httplinks posted in this post.
Or maybe you tampered with game files, or you are trying to patch wrong game version, or your antivirus deleted some game files. So Turn off antivirus, delete game and extract game again to new folder(like "D:\Games") and patch it(try to run patch as admin)!

Q.: I want to know, how do we enable MVP?(new feature in the latest counter-strike source, it would say who killed you, or revenge, nemesis, and lastly mvp at end of each round.)
A.: By default it is disabled in this release. Console commands to enable it:
cl_nowinpanel 0
cl_show_achievement_popup 1
hud_freezecamhide 0
cl_disablefreezecam 0

Q.: I want to play CS:S in LAN, but server doesnt show up in "LAN" tab
A.: Try to use console command "connect IP"!

Q.: How to start Dedicated Server(SRCDS) + play game from same PC?
A.: You can't play game and run dedicated server from same folder(revemu limitation), just copy game to another folder and run dedicated server from there!
And you must edit rev.ini for dedicated server to work properly, leave everything at default and change only "#ClientDLL=" to "ClientDLL=".
Server starts with "srcds_console.bat" or "srcds.exe"
Server configuration is in this file -> "cstrikecfgserver.cfg"
If you want to host server for internet -> search google for guide!

Q.: Servers I try to connect says "Server is not responding".
A.: If you can't connect to any server try to disable your firewall/or add an exception in the firewall.

Q.: When I add servers to favorites I can't see them there
A.: Just click on other tab and back, or refresh!

Q.: I get error when extracting/installing game...
A.: If you downloaded torrent then "force re-check" it.
Turn off antivirus, extract/install game to short disk path like - "D:\Games" , check if you have >4Gb free space on disk! Restart PC! Or try to extract on your friend's PC.

Q.: How to reset the Achievements?
A.: Delete those files:
"Counter Strike Source 2010\cstrike\gamestate.txt"
"Counter Strike Source 2010\bin\stats.bin"

Q.: Every time I try to remove a server from the favourites tab it freezes and I have to go task manager.
A.: You need to remove them manualy by editing "\config\serverbrowser.vdf" file with text editor like notepad or other.

Q.: I get problem, "You are running insecure mode. Please restart and run secure mode"
A.: Delete your old CS:S shortcut from desktop and create new one with "place_shortcut_on_desktop.exe"

Q.: When I run css it says "error reading aplication id. Please either write it to steam_appid.txt or use the launcher!"
A.: You extracted patch to wrong folder, and you are trying to run files from patch alone without game. It is not important from where you run patch, it is important where do you extract it. Run patch then press "Browse" find your game folder then extract it there. Or you can extract it to any random folder then move files to your game folder.

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  5. here are the remain steps ...

    given above also...

    5) SFX archive(no installer), just browse for your games folder and it will extract/create "Counter Strike Source 2010" folder there
    6) Make game shortcut on desktop by pressing "place_shortcut_on_desktop.exe"
    7) Run game as Administrator to avoid problems