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Final Fantasy xiv
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV (2010/ENG/MULTI4)
Language: Eng, Ger , Jap, Fre | PC | Developer: Square enix | Publisher: Square enix | 4.61 GB
Genre: MMORPG | Fresh links

Final Fantasy XIV - an online game in the universe of Final Fantasy. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages , originating in 11 of the series , replaced by " high fantasy ". In the world of the fourteenth " Final Fantasy " would be much more technology around the world will become more modern , and race , although it will remain similar to their predecessors , are also evolving. Developers Final Fantasy XIV going to completely abandon leveling in the conventional sense .
In the game there will be no levels or experience points ! Developers are motivated by the fact that in their design than ever before will be important story component of the , and therefore it is necessary that a beginner could, at least theoretically , go directly to any quest. However , just abandon the principles of growth and character development , developers Final Fantasy XIV is also not collected. According to them, experience in players will gain " invisible ", which will contribute to a unique new system .
Additional information on the game:
Hard disk space : 15GB 6GB disk with a folder ?My Documents?
Trial in the game there !
In order to activate the game in your *** , you must have a plastic card (eg : visa ec @ rd) and key)

* If you have an *** Square Enix, then register Here
* After all the stages of registration, you need to log in ***
* Look for the Select Service, there choose the FINAL FANTASY XIV, and then the Add Service ***.
* Enter the primary key and go through until the end of the procedure.
* Go back to the Select Service, there must be a FINAL FANTASY XIV - Options List, and in it, FINAL FANTASY XIV - Windows (R)
* If everything with the fifth paragraph coincides , then go back to the page Select Service and choose click Add Service ***.
* Enter key to the bonus items (all as in paragraph 3-4)
* Now in FINAL FANTASY XIV - Options List, there was one more item - In-game item Code - Onion Helm
* For the game , you need to bind your card to your *** , it will cost 2.5 euros ( the money will be temporarily removed from the *** card).
* Then from the menu Select Service -> FINAL FANTASY XIV -> Option List -> Add New option - we must add a new slot.
* When he reached the window, entering your personal information:
o Use only English letters and words.
o Name, Last Name ( you can see on the card ) enter into separate graphs street , house number , apartment number and the city (State the same as City).
o below Password and it should be around this type : Qwertyuiop_12 or 12345_Password ( of 8 characters , 1 uppercase and one signed)
o Enter your phone number , for example: 89061234567
o Click Next - and perhaps you will spread in the same window asking " correct address ", check that it is not much different , Count Moskva and any annotations next to the street - you can leave .
* If all goes well , then again presses Next. Opens a window of payment, you should conduct a deposit to register in the system ClickAndBuy. (Make sure to have your card was active and she had a positive balance ). You also need to introduce special numbers on the back of the card (three-digit ).
* After confirming ( enter special key, I entered it via SMS) you will spread in the confirmation window or click back - if any of the conditions were not implemented properly.
* Also remember that some services (I suspect this and C & B) and banks with repeated treatment and subsequent errors may temporarily suspend your card , look carefully all the entries.
* Item will be available only to the first created character (the main character ). 

System requirements: 
Operating system : Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Memory: 1,5 GB
Video Card : Nvidia 7800GTX/ATI X1800XT (SM 3.0) or similar
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ? 9.0 


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