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PC GAME-->Akuma demon spawn
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Akuma: Demon Spawn - PC Games free download gratis
Genre: Action 
Publisher: JC Research Inc.
Developer: TriggerSoft
Release Date: October 19, 1999
Exclusively on: PC
T for Teen: Blood, Animated Violence

When Satan awakes from his long sleep, it's up to three brave warriors to defeat and send him back home again. Known as the Blood Trinity, these fine warriors each possess different skills that can be combined to create a truly powerful force. If managed poorly, however, evil will run rampant on the Earth. You'll travel through dozens of uncharted lands, picking up weapons, magic items, and money that will help you buy additional items. Presented in 3D real-time, the game offers hours of play and impressive AI. Up to three players can get in on the action.

Features :
Three playable characters; awesome weapons; dozens of areas; 3D graphics; three-player action

Minimum Requirements
  • P166 or better
  • 16MB RAM
  • DirectX 6
  • 100MB hard drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM
  • 16-bit sound card

Multiplayer Functions
  • 1 Minimum Players
  • 3 Maximum Players

The story takes place in a time when demons are terrorizing the world. Three warriors come together and form a Blood Trinity, vowing to fight demons until the world is safe again. One warrior, Elim, is a noble Korean swordsman. The second, Kusa, is a Japanese sorcerer. The third is a woman, Raening, a martial arts expert skilled in archery. Elim becomes engaged to Shining a beautiful girl who he has to rescue when she is captured by demons. He cannot live with her until the world is free of demons. Kusa carries a box on his back containing the bones and restless spirit of his father Elong ago killed by demons. He is sworn to avenge his death and find a way to let his father rest in peace. Raening has to prove that a woman and a princess can be as good a warrior as any man. The warriors travel from village to village helping those beleaguered by demons and fulfilling tasks to help the villagers.
As a result of their labors they accumulate money, weapons, and powerful spells. They will need all their skill and experience as they learn the story of the Blood Sword and vow to find it and use it to kill Satan. The Blood Sword is an ancient magical weapon made from the blood and souls of victims of Satan. It is the only weapon that can remove Satan’s power, effectively killing him. The Blood Sword was broken in a power struggle between Satan and his demons millennia ago and thought to be lost. Satan has long thought himself the possessor of the sword but he really only has one half of it. The other half is sealed away by powerful magic and kept in Soul Castle in the underworld. It can only be released by a spell kept secret among a family of magic users. To gain entrance to the underworld the warriors must first find the Breath Sword. Once the weapon of a knight who tired of fighting and withdrew from the world it is now sealed in stone and hidden in a secret place. To even gain access to its hiding place they need a password sword to get past its guardian. To release it from the stone they need holy water and an unsealing spell.


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