November 28, 2010

Pc Game-Pirate Hunter German-POSTMORTEM
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Pirate.Hunter.German-POSTMORTEM | 7.78 GB
- Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® XP / Vista
- Pentium ® 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent Athlon ® 64
- 2 GB of RAM
- 11 GB of free hard disk space
- 3D-graphics adapter with 256 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c (GeForce 7900GS or Radeon H1950Pro)
- Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
- DirectX ® 9.0
- A device for reading DVD-ROM drive
Pirate Hunter - The eastern coast of Africa - a real paradise. Beaches, palm trees, warm breeze ... Now this place turned into a deadly trap for ships and sailors. Pirates of our time relentlessly attacking ships, killing the officers taken hostage unhappy passengers. Bloody business prospers - until then, until a man ready to join battle with bandits and terrorists of all stripes! Unfortunately for the pirates, this guy has already been found. Hailing from distant Russia, he received excellent training and not just fought in the hot spots. For the sake of kidnapped off Somalia wife he was ready to sacrifice their lives. Behind his back - a detachment of mercenaries. Ahead - a dry crackling gunfire and a grenade. The crusade against piracy begins!

In the new dynamic shooter Pirate Hunter from the first person you visit the islands and atolls, secret bases, and captured ships. This - not just another operation to rescue the world from global terrorism, but a real war! Battles unfold among the beauties of the wild African nature. The numerous exercises include a variety of game situations. At your disposal are over 20 samples of modern weapons, from pistols to a different heaped sniper rifle. The game has all the ingredients steep militants - hurricane shooting, powerful special effects and risky real guys, ready to go at all for the sake of the victims of bloody terror.

Features Pirate Hunter:
# The war in the open air: great views and wildlife in the tropics
# Tactical opportunities: swimming, attack from the sea, workarounds
# An impressive arsenal: from knives and pistols to hand grenade
# A variety of tasks: destruction, stripping, the seizure of bases and ships
# The flow of characters: the choice of a hero, career growth, rewarding weapons
# Gripping story: a personal vendetta, the investigation and save the world
Pirate Hunter German-POSTMORTEM
Pirate Hunter German-POSTMORTEM
Game has only English Voices but ENG-GER-RUS texts. German texts start by default so if you want to change language texts you have to go to:

C:\Program Files\City Interactive\Pirate Hunter\data\localization

and open locales.xml

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