December 07, 2010

PC GAME-Call To Power 2
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Call to Power II is the sequel to Activision\’s problematic Civilization: Call to Power of a year and a half ago. In many ways it\’s the spiritual successor to the famous and beloved Civilization and Civilization II from MicroProse. The good news is that Call to Power II is streamlined, improved, and overall a much better game than its immediate predecessor. 
Call to Power II is turn based and challenges players to begin a tiny civilization in 4000 B.C. You take your empire through the millennia to approximately A.D. 2300, passing through all sorts of social and technological eras and guiding your civilization into a vast world empire. The game lets you manage technology, diplomacy, trade, and warfare through well-laid-out screens and information bars. Everything is easy to read and follow once you get the hang of the very complex interface. But the complexity yields tremendous depth, making it all worthwhile. 

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