March 12, 2011

Thief 3 Deadly Shadows 2011
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You play as Garrett, a master thief, who operates during dark times in The City. Crime and corruption are rampant, wealthy nobles prey on

the poor, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily. As Garrett, you help the secret society of The Keepers who prophesize that the worst is

yet to come. You'll use your skills to sneak into castles, mansions, prisons, cathedrals, dungeons, and museums, past armed guards, hired

muscle, angry thugs, hideous monsters, and much worse to keep The City from unraveling. Cinematic 3rd person and classic immersive 1st

person modes are fully supported and can be changed on the fly during play. You'll have a wealth of tools at your disposal, including lock

picks, special arrows, wall climbing gloves and flash bombs.

System requirements:

- Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7
- Processor: Pentium 4 / Athlon XP 1,5 GHz
- Memory: 512 MB
- Video card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c, 128 MB
- Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard drive space: 2.3 GB

Features RePack:

- Nothing is converted back / cut out commercials producer and publisher, Thief3 Editor
- Game Version: 1.1
- Installation time 5 min.
- Run the Russian and English versions with a shortcut on the desktop and the Start menu
- Russian translation of The Dark Fate Team
- RePacked by [R.G. Catalyst]





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