April 22, 2011

Windows 7 Themes-LiGht
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Light theme

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Light theme for window 7 by halybobo

SIZE: 14.8 MB

his is VS with small taskbar, support Windows 7 x86 and x64

1. Then download, you are go to folder Tools in Light by halybobo and run Universal Theme Patcher.Run in it Administrative mode (right-click > "Run as administrator"),re-patch again if you updated to SP1.,After patch, restart the computer to take effect.

2. Extract Light by halybobo then copy anything in folder Visualstyle into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and double-click Light Top or Light Bottom.

3. Install Explorer.exe

-Run TakeOwnership in folder Tools
-Right click folder Windows ~> Take Ownership ( Wait)
-Rename file Explorer. exe in folder Windows to Explorer.old.exe then copy file Explorer.exe from folder filesystem (chose your windows version 32bit or 64bit) to Windows

4.Install Explorerframe.dll
- Go to folder C:Windows/System32 ~> rename file Explorerframe.dll to Explorerframe.old.dll then copy file Explorerframe.dll in folder filesystem (chose your windows version 32bit or 64bit).

5. Restart computer and you are done


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