April 15, 2011

windows 7 themes-Vienna Experience 6.2
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Vienna Experience 6.2 for window 7 by AppliArt

SIZE: 34.9 MB

Mods In The Theme:

Visual Style
A new version, a new visual style. Elune by :devmihitrimatrix: is now the default style, as it fits perfectly in the Vienna design spirit. 

File modifications
Vienna Experience includes many dll file modifications, all integrated in the installer, for easy installation!

CD Art Display
CD Art Display Beta 3.0 has been supplied, aswell as 2 skins, one for the Panels System suite, and Kaori.

These nice cursors go along great with the Vienna style.

A custom logon has been made which fits with the Vienna 6 experience. An application to change it is included.


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