May 05, 2011

Download Free Software-ABBYY FineReader v10.0.102.109 Pro / v10.0.102.130 Corporate|Full Cracked Version
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An intelligent and easy-to-use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and PDF conversion software

ABBYY is a world leader in development of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies. ABBYY's award-winning FineReader OCR software converts static paper documents and PDF files into manageable electronic data, saving you time and effort. ABBYY FormReader is a powerful data capture platform used by business users, large enterprises and governmental agencies to process thousands of forms daily. And ABBYY's document recognition SDKs have won acclaim from software developers and VARs that have integrated ABBYY technologies into their own applications.

ABBYY FineReader 10.0, an intelligent OCR and PDF conversion application, has been designed to meet the needs of professionals who demand the best recognition accuracy and format retention. The newest version of ABBYY%u2019s award-winning productivity application allows users to effortlessly turn PDF files, scanned images and digital photographs into truly editable and searchable formats. FineReader%u2019s revolutionary Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT) analyzes an entire document as a whole rather than discretely as individual pages, and precisely reproduces it with original layout, style and formatting attributes. FineReader%u2019s new Results-Driven interface and single-click QuickTasks make conversion easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

ABBYY FineReader 10.0 delivers superior accuracy in converting almost any type of documents, including various office documents, tables and spreadsheets, magazine articles, books, and even faxes and digital photographs. With its new ADRT, an Adaptive Document Recognition Technology, FineReader is capable to recognize not only the text and basic layout of document images, but the logical structure of a document across multiple pages.

The key features of ABBYY FineReader 10.0 include: 

ABBYY FineReader 10.0 supports 186 recognition languages, including 38 languages with dictionary support
New! Achievements in OCR Accuracy and Performance
New! ADRT® analyses a multipage document as a single entity
New! 3rd Generation Camera OCR: Reads Phone Camera Photos
New! Enhanced Usability %u2013 New Quick Tasks and Interface Revisions
New! Saving E-books to HTML Chapters and Flexible HTML
New! Powerful PDF Compression
New! Further Improvements in Page Layout Analysis
New! New Recognition Languages %u2013 Korean and Yiddish
* Auto-detect document languages
* Processing Documents with Signatures, Company Stamps, and Line Numbering - New!
* Superior Recognition Accuracy, up to 35% increase - Enhanced!
* Results-Driven Interface %u2014 Less Clicks, Greater Efficiency
* Retain page layout (columns, tables, lists, graphics, etc.); up to 32% increase - Enhanced!
* Key Technology Breakthrough: Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT) - New!
* Saves Non-Rectangular Pictures and Text Flow in Microsoft Word
* Convert PDFs to editable and searchable formats
* Save to PDFs (image-only PDFs, searchable PDFs, password-protected PDFs, tagged PDFs, encrypted PDFs)
* PDF/A support for long-term archiving
* Retains Bullets and Numbering - Enhanced!
* Retains Table Structure - Enhanced!
* Pictures within Table Cells
* Recreate document logical structure: text flow, headers, footers, footnotes, page numbering in native Microsoft Office format
* Text within Graphics
* Automatic Recognition and Background Processing - New!
* Optimized Performance on Multi-core Processors - Enhanced!
* Sending Results Directly to Applications and Clipboard - Enhanced!
* Microsoft® Windows Vista Certified, Support for Windows XP 64-bit Edition - New!
* Microsoft Office 2007 Support - New!
* FineReader 10 supports input of images in XPS - New!
* Special Recognition Mode for Dot Matrix and Type-written Documents
* Printing Directly from FineReader
* Changing Interface Language On-the-Fly
* ABBYY FineReader 10 incorporates second-generation Digital Camera OCR technology
Digital Camera OCR - ABBYY FineReader 9.0 incorporates second-generation Digital Camera OCR technology
* All this and more

Compatible with: XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32/64 bits)
Interface Multilingual: English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish

ABBYY FineReader 10 Editions Comparison Chart 


AFR v10.0.102.109 Pro Edition + crack by Pafnutiy761
Incl. Screenshot Reader



AFR v10.0.102.130 Corporate Edition + crack by Pafnutiy761
Incl. Screenshot Reader & Hot Folder



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