June 01, 2011

Hot Item Finder V2.0.2.7
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Find all the HOT ITEMS on eBay in minutes !!

Search 4 different eBay sites! ... eBay.com, eBay.com.au, eBay.ca, and eBay.co.uk

Generate Hot Items from current and completed auctions !

Analyze EVERY eBay category for HOT ITEMS !

Generate the TOP 100 popular search terms from each main category !

Find the hit counts for all the hot selling items !

Search eBay's online keyword database for the best words to put in your auction titles and descriptions !

Give sellers a great idea for what items to sell on eBay !

Use the popular search term generator to create very attractive auction descriptions !!

SAVE a HUGE amount of TIME at eBay?

Analyze a particular category to see with one contains the most items!

Find out how much your competitors are selling their products

Increase your sales by adding popular search terms in your

auction descriptions and titles !

Find products in your market that are selling !

What are the best words in the current hot item auction titles !


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