December 16, 2011

[Pc Apps] PSP Emulator For PC
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Instructions Step by Step

1) Install last java version download

2) Extract package the program - compilations upload for me rev.7z ( includes the libraries x86 win32 .dll needed to execute on .7z pack )
3) Double-click on jpcsp .bat files you configuration adecuade 256m (512m) Ejemplar.

4) to run the games is as follows :

UMD games are if you copy the folder umdimages (the Interface Load -> UMD -> Select UMD Image detect and Load )

emulation of such a memory stick PSP ms0\PSP\GAME\folder name\ XXX.PBP File Ejemplar (The interface Load -> memstick -> Selec file detect and load )

Items stored in the memory stick are located in the following path ms0\PSP\SAVEDATA\folder XXX GAME\ files .bin and .sfo a.k.a

5) if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask thanks 


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