December 12, 2011

[PC Game] Sonic Generations [2011]
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Game Info 
The ultimate celebration of 20 years in Sonic gaming, Sonic Generations 
delivers the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans new and old. 

Sonic's universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes 
into force, creating ætime holesÆ which take Sonic and his friends back in 
time. While there, Sonic runs into some very familiar characters from his 
past including a younger, classic version of himself! Now they must defeat 
their enemies, save their friends, and find out who is behind this 
diabolical deed. 

Twice the Fun - Play as both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic in the ultimate 
Sonic experience. Master the moves of each character as they race through 
each environment on their own specially designed track. 

The Best Just Got Better - Iconic environments from gaming history come to 
life in beautiful HD for the ultimate Sonic adventure, each revisited, 
recreated and re-imagined with stunning results. Also, these environments 
are presented in stunning new stereoscopic 3D for a whole new way to play! 

All new experience - Play some of your gamingÆs most iconic environments in 
a whole new way with famous Sonic stages presented in stunning new 
stereoscopic 3D. 

Game Features 
Set across three defining eras from 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog video game 
history. Sonic's instantly recognizable environments have been re-built in 
stunning HD and are now playable in both classic side scrolling 2D from 1991, 
as well as modern 3D style found in Sonic's most recent adventures. Each 
incarnation of Sonic in Sonic Generations comes complete with his trademark 
special move, Spin Dash and Spin Attack for Classic Sonic, and the Homing 
Attack and Sonic Boost for Modern Sonic. An innovative new interactive menu 
system allows for complete immersion in Sonic's universe with favorite characters 
and hidden treasures gradually being revealed throughout the game. 






Minimum System Requirement 
* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 
* CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 2 GHz or AMD equivalent 
* RAM: 2GB in XP/7, 3GB in Vista 
* HDD: 11 GB free disk space 
* Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory 
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible 
* DirectX: Version 9 

 Rapid Share 1GB links 
7.8 GB ISO Image. 1GB/8 Downloads 
Language: English/Spanish/French/German/Italian 
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads 

password: tooth


SKIDROW Crack and Game update #4 
*You dont need prior cracks. 

1105_sg_sr-update4.rar (9.27 MB)

password: tooth

How to install: 

1-download files and run winrar, click on "Commands" "Test archived files" 
2-Mount ISO image on your virtual drive 
3-follow screen shot install below 


QUESTION : Hi I did everything you said but for some reason it won't let me save and exit on the configuration.exe. 



I got that also. 
right click on the configurationTool.exe 

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