December 28, 2011

[Windows 7 Theme] Adagio theme - Windows 7
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Before any modification, make a restore point ! .

1) Theme installation:
Extract the content of the archive in your themes folder : Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes (or select the "adagio" folder and move it in your themes folder. You must get something like that:
 Letterofyourdisk/windows/resources/themes/Adagio Wallpaper

to apply the theme:
- double-click on "Adagio.theme"
- or, right-clik on desktop, personalize and choose the"Adagio"theme
- or with tune up utilities, avestyler or win7stylebuilder...

2) System files installation (only 2): explorerframe.dll and explorer.exe
Choose the files corresponding to your system (x64 or x32) and you language (french or english=others languages too)
After, take the complete control of these 2 files, rename and replace them by my own files modified.
 explorerframe.dll: change explorer's buttons, the organisation of icons and it allows you to display the "info extended" (necessary !)
 explorer.exe: change the startmenu's orb (optionnal but it's better)

Restart your PC

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