March 28, 2012

[Pc Apps] Imandix Cover Professional + Crack
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Imandix Cover Professional 0.9.3 download full version free

IMANDIX Cover is a software that automatically converts your cover bitmap into a 3D preview of what it would look like in a real case. 

You simply load your cover bitmap file and the software generates a 3D illustration of it. You can use these illustrations at your web site or prints or just to see how the cover case looks like with your own cover bitmap. 

    You can create virtual product shots of these media:
    All DVD cover sizes (Thin box, Amaray, ... to the big cases that hold 10 discs)
    Blu-ray cases (12.5 and 15 mm spine width)
    CD cases (Slim case, Jewel case, Jewel case with clear edge)
    Discs (standard and full face label)
    Nearly all Digipaks (from 4 mm to 15 mm spine width)
    Paul Champagne designer boxes (all sizes, cases that hold Blu-rays coming soon)
    Custom cases (Poster, magazine, paperback)
    Custom boxes (like software boxes or packages)


download full version free Imandix Cover Professional

download Imandix Cover Professional 0.9.3

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