May 25, 2013

Avast Premier / Avast Internet Security / Avast Pro Antivirus / Avast Free Antivirus v8.0.1489 - Final
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Dark Souls Prepare TO Die EDITION system requirements

avast! Premier / avast! Internet Security / avast! Pro Antivirus / avast! Free Antivirus v8.0.1489 - Final 

• Incl. Avast_License_Faker_2012_06_29-ZeNix 
Released: May 10, 2013

avast! Premier – Get our best! 

All the features of Internet Security and more: keeps your most important programs updated automatically, gives you advanced privacy tools, and allows you to access your PC while you are away. 

avast! Internet Security – Our best-selling software 

With technologies like SafeZone™, Sandbox, Firewall, and Antispam, Internet Security protects you during online activities like shopping, banking, and surfing well-known or risky websites. Plus, it secures your PC against hackers and SPAM.  

avast! Pro Antivirus – Customizable protection 
Antivirus and anti-spyware with a few more online safety features, for those who already have a firewall and anti-spam.

avast! Free Antivirus – World's most popular antivirus 

Great for normal browsing, it frequently outranks competitors' paid-for suites in independent tests. 

New in avast! 8.0: 
* New edition – avast! Premier 
* Software Health module 
* Browser Cleanup tool 
* New User Interface 
* Data Shredder (Premier only) 
* AccessAnywhere (Premier only) 
* Improved Autosandbox/Sandbox technlogy 
* Improved General AV performance and stability 

Changes in 8.0.1489: 
• BSOD fix in aswTdi.sys 
• Fixed WebRep crashes in IE 
• Fixed WebRep FF issue with not saving the position 
• SecureLine stability improvements 

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Right click avast! tray icon --> program settings -->'Troubleshooting' tab --> check- 'Disable avast! self-defense module'

TESTED BY OUR USER Language in screenshot: Vietnamese 


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avast! Premier v8.0.1489 - Final + Avast_License_Faker_2012_06_29-ZeNix 
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avast! Internet Security v8.0.1489 - Final + Avast_License_Faker_2012_06_29-ZeNix 
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avast! Pro Antivirus v8.0.1489 - Final + Avast_License_Faker_2012_06_29-ZeNix 
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